CHERUB – Robert Muchamore

Mentioning violence to Bruce was like mentioning chocolate sauce to a six-year-old. – Robert Muchamore, Shadow Wave

For my first review I decided to do one of my favourite series that I have ever read, Robert Muchamore’s CHERUB. The first series (the one I will be reviewing today) has 11 books in it and is centered around someone called James Adams. He is recruited by an organisation called CHERUB to become a teenage spy.

It is fun, exciting and action-packed and any teenager will love it. I was genuinely sad when the series ended and even sadder when the new series came out because it definitely did not live up to the expectations set by the previous series, but I will get into that in a different review.

As a series I would recommend it to anyone from the ages of 13-17. I would recommend it for lower ages but as the series progresses the themes get more adult, the language gets stronger and so do the connotations. By the eighth book he has sex, so I would only recommend it to 13 year olds, no lower. If you are a parent looking for a book for your 13 year old child or just a bored teenager wanting something to read this is a must read.

If you are looking for a book similar to this but less adult I would recommend the HIVE series, which is currently ongoing.

If you want to read my opinions of the book, click the read more tag.

I liked this series a lot because it has both actions and the life of a child turning into an adult equally. The way Muchamore represents the characters in the book makes you have a genuine connection with them from the get go. The way he writes is so descriptive I was able, while reading it, to have a full map of the campus and even where everyone in the campus lived. He also offers humour so its not just a book about action, you have the funny characters and the childlike disputes and the bad behaviour of a normal teenager.

I also loved how realistic it was. I know the whole premise of the book isnt realistic, a secret government organisation for child spies, but you could tell Muchamore had really done his research for the book. It was very technological and you really start to think something like this could exist, because he does it in such a way that it could be real, referencing MI6 and actual crimes such as the drug trade, animal rights extremists and biker gangs, to name a few of the missions James Adams embarks on.

The few reservations I had with the book was the fact that it was at times a very inaccurate portrayal of the child to teenage life. The character you follow, James Adams, is put across as a ladies man. This was okay when he was at the ages of 14 and upwards but in the first book to the fourth, when he was 12-13 years old, he is portrayed very adult like, and a lot more into girls than most people. It also seemed to happen to every person on CHERUB campus, as each person had a girlfriend (who appeared to be serious) at one point in there life.

I also feel that it would have been better if he had tackled problems such as bullying and other problems that teenagers have. I know a lot of other books like this don’t have problems such as these, but Muchamore delves into the personal lives of James Adams and his friends and I think this would have made it more realistic.


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