Skulduggery Pleasant – Derek Landy

“What would killing the Elders result in?”
“Panic? Fear? Three empty parking spaces in the Sanctuary?” – Derek Landy, Skulduggery Pleasant

Today I will be reviewing a book that is in my absolute favourite series of all time. This series is so good that I do not want to review it as a series, but as singular books. It is called Skulduggery Pleasant and is written in 2007 by Derek Landy. It follows the adventures of Valkyrie Cain (Stephanie Edgley) and Skulduggery Pleasant who is a living skeleton.

Do not let the name deceive you in to thinking that this is a childish book for 10 year olds to read. It is not. Also don’t be deceived into thinking that just because it is about magic it is a childs book. It, again, is not. It has magic, humour and crime. Fortunately Landy had the good sense to write this as a young adults book, else most of the crime and humour would not be able to be put into the book.

Skulduggery Pleasant is an absolutely brilliant book. It is written superbly and Landy has made sure that even though the book is a bit comedic at times, the storyline and many aspects of the books are serious. The language didn’t especially focus on the description of the settings, but it was still enough for you to get an idea for the people and the settings, but it made up for this because of the action and the crimes. This book is great if you have a particularly vivid imagination because then you really get a feel for it, as you start to imagine the fight scenes in your head. The fight scenes were described amazingly well, every single punch thrown was described, which made this even better as if this does happen, many action books tend to forget this and it doesn’t make it as good.


I would recommend this book for anyone 13+ and up. Again the first couple of books are okay for younger people but as the books progress further than that Landy starts to describe the crime scenes more, making it a gory book at times. If you are of this age and are looking for a humorous book that has a lot of action and crime, this is definitely a book for you. I would also recommend this for parents who want to get their child into reading, as it is an utterly unputdownable book that your child will get engrossed in.

If you are looking for a similar book then I would recommend the Percy Jackson series. It has magic and mythology like this one and the same amount of humour, but there isn’t any crime and it is definitely not as gory.

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I absolutely loved this book. It hooked me in at the first chapter and it followed through for the rest of the book. It didn’t, like some books, get worse the more it progressed but instead, like so few books out there, improved greatly, completely surpassing the expectations I had set for it. When I first heard of the book I didn’t like the sound of it because the name makes it seem a bit immature. But my friends kept on raving about it and eventually I read it and I loved every second of it. It was a white-knuckled roller-coaster ride (sorry for the unoriginal phrase, but it is the only one that truly fits) that I just could not put down.

I didn’t have many (if any) reservations with the book when I first read it, though the writing did seem a little tentative, as if Landy was a bit reluctant to come out of his shell and expose his full potential. As this was his first book this was completely fine though and he did come out of his shell in the second book, which I feel was an improvement on the storyline and the way it was written.


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